Synergine™ Technology

Providing clean affordable energy for everyone from low temperature heat sources available everywhere.



Synergy Power's mission is to provide customers energy independence, increased industrial efficiency, and to give power to remote areas of the world including developing countries, by harvesting power from ultra-low grade thermal energy sources that are currently not able to be utilized with traditional technology.  While at the same time performing business and services with integrity, reflecting Christ in our actions.



December 2015

Synergy Power LLC was founded by Emil Ureel, with a vision of providing reliable, clean, emission free, cost effective, grid-like power from harvesting ultra-low-grade heat. 

May 2017

Synergine™ Technology was scaled up from a bench level proof of concept by 12.5 times, and was proven to work at this much larger scale.

November 2017

A pilot demonstration was completed at a homeowner's house with a wood boiler.  5000 square ft of space was heated, and the Synergine™ was also connected to the wood boiler producing electrical power.

December 2017

Lab space was obtained, and the Synergine™ was further optimized during the winter months.

April 2018

First US Patent was awarded.

June 2018

Synergine was developed into a production intent system.  Mathematical models were developed to predict the output power from various parameters. 

December 2018

It was determined that through further development as a next generation system, the percent of Carnot efficiency could be increased to a level unheard of with current technology, and broad commercialization could be realized.

June 2019

Second US Patent was awarded.

Synergy Power obtained premium CAD software through Solidwork’s entrepreneurship program.

The latest generation Synergine™ design was started.

March 2020

Synergy Power moved into a new lab space, expanded its team, and brought in new investment partners.

July 2020

Parts for the latest generation Synergine™ were ordered. 

October 2020

Testing on sub-assemblies began on the latest generation Synergine™.

Assembly of the latest generation Synergine™ began.

January 2021

Third US Patent application was filed.

April 2021

Assembly of the latest generation Synergine™ was completed.

Testing and optimization began.


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