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Providing clean affordable energy for everyone from low temperature heat sources available everywhere.

Thermal Gradient Motors

We are Changing the Way the World Thinks About Power Production

With our patented
Thermal Gradient Motor (TGM) called "The Synergine ™," consistent and efficient power generation can be created almost anywhere there are temperature differences  

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The Synergine Thermal Gradient Motor is the newest in a line of revolutionary motors and works on basic principles with inputs that are available everywhere.





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•The Thermal Gradient Motor is a direct conversion of heat into power

•No internal working fluid pumps

•Any temperature difference creates rotational torque

•Minimum operating temperature delta is limited only by internal friction

•Allows for great scalability

•Environmentally friendly

An Overview

Please take a moment to watch this short Overview Video.

It will explain how and why Synergine Technology can be used to make use of wasted energy.
Learn how it can provide clean, renewable, and reliable power without the need for sunshine, wind, tides or other weather variables 

Synergy Power Synergine Overview Video
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Endless Application

Where there is temperature
difference, there is power!

According to

1,200 Trillion BTU's per year are being wasted.  With a Synergine

TGM this energy can be harvested and converted into electricity to be stored or reintroduced into closed or open loop systems all over the world. 

Take a moment to view the slideshow to get a few ideas of where there is use for a

Synergine TGM.

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Parking Lots Become Power Plants

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Much of the world is still without power or is tied to dirty grid power

Synergy Power's mission is to provide customers energy independence, increased industrial efficiency, and to give power to remote areas of the world including developing countries, by harvesting power from ultra-low grade thermal energy sources that are currently not able to be utilized with traditional technology.
While at the same time performing business and services with integrity, reflecting Christ in our actions.

The Synergine TGM

The Synergine TGM has many benefits.

  • Thermal energy can be harvested everywhere on earth

  • A TGM produces no emissions.

  • Adding a TGM will increase efficiency at any power plant

  • Thermal Gradient Motors are very portable

  • A TGM can be installed indoors or outdoors

  • A TGM is not reliant on the weather conditions

  • A TGM is more reliable and consistent than
    other green energy producers

  • TGM's are modular and can be connected
    to create more power output

  • A TGM Can be used in residential, commercial,
    or industrial applications

Synergy Power Logo 500 x 500 transperant.png

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At Synergy Power we are excited about future opportunities to be involved with both investors and customers who see the value of our Synergine TGM. 


We also look forward to partnering with those that understand our mission and vision to bring efficient, portable, scalable, and reliable power production to the rest of the world.

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