The Synergy Power Synergine is a patented,

New Thermodynamic Technology, that is changing the way people are thinking about power

production and efficiency.

An Overview

Please take a moment to watch this short Overview Video.

It will explain how and why Synergine Technology can be used to make use of free energy.
How it can provide clean, renewable, and reliable power without the need for sunshine, wind, tides or other weather variables 

Synergy Power Synergine Bunker Build Video
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The Opportunity

Trillions of BTU's are being unused and there is nothing else on the market that is so capable to use them like the Synergine.

The Synergine is the best solution to bring clean, reliable and non-weather reliant power to all ends of God's Great Earth. 

The Synergine

The Synergy Power Synergine has been thoroughly, proven in theory, design, and application.  It is ready for mass market implementation.

The Synergine is made in the USA and assembled by the Synergy Power team of professionals.

The Synergine can be built delivered and installed in a matter of weeks for your specific needs.  

The Applications

The applications are endless. Where there are tempature differnces you can use the Synergine to produce power.

The Synergine can be used in any industry or for personal use.

The Synergine can be installed indoors or outdoors, as a single unit or multiple units linked together.   

The Benefits

The Synergine is a reliable and portable form of generating alternate energy.

The Synergine can be fit into many scenarios, and can be shipped anywhere in the world to be used in any climate. 

The Synergine does not require fuel, is easily maintained,
bomb resistant, EMP proof, delivers constant, reliable quiet power

Simple and Versatile

The Synergine Thermal Gradient Motor is so versatile
it can be placed by itself to provide energy independence to a single home or combined with other Synergines to power multiple

out-buildings, workshops, bunkers or even whole neighborhoods."



Because the Synergine
Thermal Gradient Motor is new technology we have made some easy to understand and share downloadable material for you.

Synergy Power Downloads

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Synergine 3 Page
Info Packet

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Synergine 1 Page
Overview Document

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Spec Sheet

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Synergine Animation Video

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Synergine Overview Video